Decorex 2015 – de Gournay Ltd

Decorex 2015 – de Gournay Ltd

If you’re unfamiliar with Decorex, click here for the previous posts…

de Gournay had the opportunity this year to showcase their talented team this year.

I can’t believe how blown away I was by what I saw!


They’d flown one of their main designers over especially for the show; had only landed Saturday (so a day before he was drawing away).

It was amazing seeing the process that hand-drawn wallpaper goes through.

But, for me on a personal level, what amazed me the most was the ease and confidence he had in each brush stroke.

A leaf there.
A tree here.
A hill over there.


Oh, and this?

Yeah. That’s the finished article.

The very next day (Monday).

The team admitted the fish print had been prepped beforehand, but still, he sat painting so confidently and calmly despite a small crowd of people forming around him.

I especially enjoyed seeing the concept inspiration for the wallpaper designs, pinned up on the board above where he was sitting.

Goes to show each creative industry still uses concept boards!

(I reckon secretly he loved the attention he was getting…)

The pictures don’t do the spotlight on deGournay justice, they really don’t.

What did you make of him and his talent, darling reader?

Let me know below!


Decorex 2015 – part 2

Decorex 2015 – part 2

Decorex 2015 – part 2

If you’re unfamiliar to the concept of what Decorex is, have a read here of part one.


3. Susie Watson Designs

In part because, well, she and I share the same name. I’m not going to lie. Although she doesn’t spell it as awesomely as I do, of course!

Her collection is solid, her market is a niche market, she knows what her customer want, and she delivers.

If you’re looking for classic farmhouse / traditional English countryside look, then look no further than Susie Watson Designs!

2. Hyde House Bespoke Furniture

Simply put:

Everything in their collection made my heart sing. 

(I may even have stood in a trance looking at each item in the collection in turn..)

Judge for yourself:

  1. Ochre

They really need no introduction.

I’m just, plain and simple, in love with their lighting!

What do you think of these three?

Are you excited about what the next post will bring?

Which were your favourites, out of the images I’ve shared?

Let me know, below!


Decorex 2015 – part 1

Decorex 2015 – part 1

Decorex is back!

Hello my lovelies!


Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Decorex 2015, set in Syon Park, London as per last year.

Speaking on behalf of those based outside of London, this was a great venue. Meant I could drive down without hassle, and there was ample parking. Of course, numerous accidents and roadworks (I’m looking at you, M4!) tried to put me off going.

Ha – ha!

I still managed to get there.

…and take a not-so-subtle selfie by the entrance.

Because – why not!

For those that don’t know, Decorex is the design show of the year.

Imagine NY/ London fashion week. That’s kind of what Decorex is like. But more glitz and glamour.

And somewhere where I stand out like a sore thumb, too. Put it this way: I think my outfit altogether cost less than most peoples’ shoes there.

This year I had the opportunity to go for TWO DAYS rather than one, like previous years.
Reason being that I wanted to give myself a fighting chance of absorbing as much as I could, and hopefully go and explore the whole venue. Even as I left Day 2 I realised there were a few stalls I’d not taken a good look at..

This year, I focused on what really caught my eye

It’s too easy to be blind-sighted by everything.

There’s more fabrics than I’d possibly have the time to feel and stroke (ooh-la-la!), lights than I had time to be blinded by their beauty (I’m sure I was a magpie in a previous life!), and more beautiful things in general than I could’ve mustered another “ooooh!” at.

I hope to show you my top 3 items in each blog post

…with a few of my favourites towards the end.

This year was just INCREDIBLE. So many exciting stalls and exhibitors. Just – w0w.

Posh Trading Company products have been designed and collated by Sarah Ward, an award winning interior designer. The philosophy is two-fold: to bring unique products to the market that are not available in the UK and to work with materials that are transient between the jewellery, fashion and homeware market.

I cannot begin to tell you just how much they made me jump; I felt like someone was watching me, and I turned around to these!

Beautifully-designed classic nursery furniture of outstanding quality.

I have to confess, however – I wasn’t convinced by the sheepskin on top of the changing table..? I wonder whether the people in charge of dressing the stall had children themselves… <shifty eyes> that’s all I’ve got to say on that matter..

This is where I confess to having an absolute love for lighting design.

Heathfield & Co ALWAYS bring the good stuff, in my mind.

Even simple table lamps like the ones I’m sharing with you below have a sense of opulence and gorgeous quality about them.

So, what do you think?

Do you agree with my choices for the first top 3 post?

Let me know below!


Juliet Travers – New releases

Juliet Travers – New releases

Hey hey hey, Happy Sunday!

Excuse the lateness of this blog – normally I’m up at the crack of dawn with TBT to write the next instalment for you, but Husband kindly let me have a lie-in this morning. So I’m finally getting my @rse in gear and getting this blogpost to you.

So, are you ready for your next instalment of colour and wonderfulness and gorgeousness? Here you go:

Juliet Travers is a name you will remember from previous blogs of mine – an amazing wallpaper company providing incredibly original designs in their Safari collection. What’s new from them, you say? Well – take a look at these beauties; their very own fabric collection! I personally can’t wait to use them in projects, nor see what they come up with next year. They unveiled the new collection at Decorex – what do you think of these? Aren’t they just stunning??

As quoted by their website:

Our Safari fabrics are designed to either work beautifully alongside our safari wallpapers or to compliment your room on their own. The gorgeous light weight linen quality we have used throughout the range makes the collection perfect for drapery or light upholstery, giving your windows and furniture a vibrant burst of colour and pattern.

Juliet Travers Camouflage Fabric Juliet Travers Dazzle Fabric Juliet Travers Collection 2014 Free Fall Fabric Juliet Travers Collection 2014 Free Fall Fabric Juliet Travers Collection 2014 Nakuru Fabric Juliet Travers Collection 2014 Nakuru Fabric


Deciphering Decorex – the colour explosion edition

Deciphering Decorex – the colour explosion edition

Morning! Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday morning?

I’m up before the crack of dawn with TBT, oh how I sometimes wish for him to sleep longer.. At least he’s sitting down watching one of his favourite programmes while I can spend some time with you lovely lot!

Looking through my photos of Decorex, I’m conscious that I’ve still got a fair few photos to show you.. I’ve decided to just do a massive colour explosion edition, as one company <cough>Juliet Travers<cough> have kindly provided me some AMAZING photos I want to share with you next week. Stay tuned…

So, let’s be honest. Most people when they think of Interior Design they imagine someone running around with a paint palette colour fan and some fabric swatches, making “oooh!” and “aaah” sounds. Exhibitions like Decorex don’t really disappoint in that sense, it’s like that feeling of going to your favourite Theme Park – for me it was akin to standing at the entrance of Alton Towers, the excitement positively bubbling away.

Colour, of course, is a LOT more complex than that.. Without much further ado, let me share with you some of my favourite creative use of colour from this year:

Timourous Beasties; experts in creative colour use!:

Timorous Beasties Timorous Beasties Timorous Beasties

VanDerHurd did not disappoint – look at this for creativity!


Redloh House Fabrics ….

Redloh House Fabrics

…and George Spencer Designs went for wall panelling – a great way to show off their wares at a glance!

George Spencer Designs

Susie Watson Designs showed off their paint collection Susie Watson Designs

Viero Paints introduced me to the concept of mixing paint and plaster. Don’t believe me? The panel on the left is a polished plaster in grey, waterproof, suitable for bathrooms. The one on the right, with the green? That was a piece of net used to create that effect. Honestly, take a look at the site – you’ll love their creative use of plaster.Viero Paints

Dandylion Designs – how cool are these?Dandylion Dandylion Dandylion

Gill Nono, the creative genius behind Nono Designs showed off her retro prints (that’s her on the left – doesn’t she look fab??)Gina Nono Gina Nono

Don’t mind me, I’m just admiring Killymoon Living‘s redcap mushroom stools…

Killymoon Bespoke Living

Now, can you guess what these guys do? Fabric? Wallpaper? Fashion? 70s retro? Spot on.

Deservedly, Eley Kishimoto guys won Best Stand at Decorex this year – they showed off their first hand-printed wallpaper collection (check out the hashtag – #EKWallpaper !)


Last year’s winners – The Little Greene Paint Co., did not disappoint. Look at these, aren’t they cool? Amazing use of the space they were given!Little Greene Paint Co Little Greene Paint Co Little Greene Paint Co Little Greene Paint CoWhew!

This list is in no way a complete account of all the stalls at the exhibition this year, but they were my favourites, that’s for sure.

What do you guys think, did any of them catch your eye?