Candles – how they helped me clear the clutter

Those of you who follow the blog will know I was unwell at the beginning of the year.

I had a pretty awful and disastrous cough that was preventing me from doing – well, anything really – and it was really getting me down. I mean, big time. No matter what steroids I was on, inhalers, antibiotics, x-rays… No one could find the source.

One day, I read about the magical world of clutter clearance.

I got hold of every bit of research possible, and, it turned out that clutter clearance could help to improve my health!

Willing to give anything a go at this point, I made a start.

For some reason, the logical place to start was the kitchen.

To this day, I can’t tell you exactly why that was.

I wasn’t a cook! I didn’t spend time in the kitchen! I mean, WTF?

But – something told me to make a start in there.

What it taught me very quickly was I had an addiction. Not a problem, necessarily. But an addiction.

To candles.

Or, candle BUYING, to be exact!

Drawer after drawer I’d open, and there they’d be.

Tea lights.

Tall candles.

Green candles.

Red candles.

Scented candles.

Glittery candles (no idea where I got them from!)

I realised all of a sudden it was the perfect analogy for consumerism.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Buy another!

Even if you’re pretty convinced you already have one. Or a few. Somewhere.

But it’s probably easier to buy a new one, right? And they’re super-duper cheap!


It’s not the financial cost that’s the problem here,

It’s the cost of space.

And, if you imagine putting all the clutter in general (whether you include the tea lights into that or not), 40% of homes are clutter storage.


Let that mull over for a minute.

So, essentially, what I realised was – we could survive in a home that was 40% smaller without the clutter, and not have our lives affected.

Not feel cramped.

Not feel as if we didn’t have any personal space.

I didn’t go out and put our home on the market the next day.

Nor did I decide to look for smaller homes.

Instead, I put all the candles in one place, ready to be burnt regularly since.

…and she lived Hyggeligt ever after!