Office Clutter – begone!

This week I hit a massive wall. Even if I knew I was meant to spend the little time I had to myself on working on the business, I was facing an issue every time I went into the office.

As soon as I’d sit down and be determined to start working, my mind drew a blank.

I’m a person who loves lists. LOVES them. And despite the lists being right in front of me, I still drew a blank. It drove me in-sa-ne!

I did what any other person in my shoes would do

Spend her Monday evening clearing out all the drawers in the office, of course!

It took a couple of hours, but I’m so pleased I did it!

I want to share with you all, below, what my thought process was regarding a few items I discarded – perhaps you can recognise yourself in that, too?

Graph paper. From my school days. So, twenty years old.

I’m bound to need this again, right?

But when?

Well, soon. I’m sure?

But I’ve not used it in the time we’ve lived here, so, six years? How much will I really need it?

Besides, I didn’t enjoy going to the school I was at when I got this pad. Nor the maths class where I’d use it.


Ah yes, the drawing pad from when I was at school. Again, the same school I didn’t enjoy going to in the first place. Where the teacher couldn’t stop himself from mocking my lack of drawing ability..


The insert to my presentation folder that I collected from Freecycle. It’s a little tattered but I use it. The dividers, however, I’ve never used. I never will, either.



Ah yes, the Ideal Home magazine freebie. That I never asked for to come into my home but I’ve kept all these years. Because you don’t bin an unused notepad do you? It’s bound to bring bad luck or something, surely?

But I’ve never used it.

I don’t think I ever will.

To be honest I’d even forgotten that was here.



After the process, whenever I now walk through the office space I feel light.


It’s an inviting and creative space that I love to be in.

I’m surrounded by things I love, and enjoy.


I’ve got an exciting offer for you – yes, you!

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be offering 15 minute free consultations over Skype (say whaaat?!) where you can ask me any questions about clutter clearance and its effect on you.

In exchange, I’ll write a report for you based on where you are currently, and what your next steps should be.

Sound good?

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