So, you’ve decided it’s time for a change.

Time to move home.

You’ve got people to recommend estate agents that will market your home for you.

Now what?

In this series of posts, I will cover the best ways to stage your home with minimal effort when putting your property on the market.

In short:

Dress it.

Make it look the best it possibly can.

Imagine you’re getting ready for a first date with somebody new, you want to show off your best features, and hide the ones that aren’t. In order to find Mr / Mrs Right, you want to make them think they could spend the rest of their life with you.

The exact same applies for home staging – the prospective buyers want to be shown your home’s best features, and envisage spending the rest of their lives with it.

family bathroom before home staging process. Includes toilet, sink, bath, radiator, mirror, numerous surplus toiletries, a child's potty and baby bath.

An interior designer who is experienced with home stage assignments will be able to provide you with a visual of how the space could look by making small subtle changes.

family bathroom rendered drawing with it having been decluttered and cleared.

So, what can you do to your living area to improve your home’s chances of being sold?

  1. Consider its current uses. In the client whose pictures I’ve used above, this was clearly the only bathroom on site so had to serve two adults and two children. Unlike the living room and nursery all that was really needed was a good clear and clean.
  2. Clear away belongings that don’t fit the prospective use. Understandably when it comes to having children there will be things like potties and baby baths around. I would strongly encourage you to take them out of site for viewings, perhaps put them in a wardrobe or under a bed for the time being, so that the bathroom feels more spacious. Any gifted toiletries you’ve put in the bathroom but are unlikely to use, consider donating to a charitable cause.
  3. Clean, clean, clean! Once the toiletries and child-related items had been removed, limescale remover and cleaning products came out. Mirror was polished, even behind the radiator was hoovered (this is often a space that’s forgotten about. Skirting boards were washed, taps polished until they shone, and tile grouting cleaned til it was left sparkling. A quick tip – struggling to get the grouting bright again? Consider a grouting pen for a quick fix.
  4. Bring in finishing touches. In this case, I used client’s own accessories from around the home. The plant came from the kitchen, and while researching what type of plant it was (because I have no idea about these things) I discovered that it thrives in a dark and humid environment. Result! The bathroom shelves made everything seem so much tidier, it made a huge difference!
  5. Stage the space nicely. Make it look as if the bathroom has a space for absolutely everything, so no overflowing storage, please!
finishing touches for family bathroom after home staging process
decluttered bathroom

Doesn’t it look fab?

I’m pleased to tell you that within one week of the property being put on the market, it sold for 10% over the original asking price. They have since found their dream home which was within their budget because of the added equity they gained from the sale.

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