Those that follow my Facebook account and read my previous post will already know that I’ve picked up some beyoootiful dining room chairs to refurbish over the Christmas period. Never makes people laugh more than having a woman pick up items in a saloon car – really not ideal for collection of big burly things like these!
Thanks to lots of stubbornness and a pinch of luck, I managed to get them home much to Husband’s disappointment.

I’ve decided they should be my latest creative project; repaint, re-upholster and then sell on to some lucky family who want some Suzzy Smith originals. Oh yes.

When considering the paints, I looked no further than Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint – a beautiful stunning collection of shabby chic inspired paints.

White Carved Chest of Drawers

Provence and Greek Blue

As soon as the paint arrived, I couldn’t wait to get started. Aren’t the pots adorably cute??


So I started painting, and I couldn’t believe how well the paint spread while still being water soluble and had a really low VO2 level – I wasn’t going to get high off of this stuff unlike my previous projects.

Two coats later, and this is the result.



I’m incredibly impressed that a small tester pot of paint (100ml) can cover two coats of a chair each! The only thing I found slightly disappointing was that the paint didn’t seem to stick very well during my second coat of the Original paint, however I think that’s more to do with my paint brushes rather than the paint itself. Yes, I’m looking at you two..!

One was a freebie in a magazine (never a good sign!) and one is a very well-used Dulux Paint Pod corner brush.

Overall verdict?
I’m really pleased with the results, now I’ve just got to decide on what colour to go for for all the chairs, unless I do three of each? Hmmm, decisions.
Oh and I’m definitely going to invest in a better brush! A good tradesman never blames his tools, but..!

I’m very excited to be going on a painting workshop in a few weeks run by a fellow local designer, so I’m going to bring a chair with me then, to explore more painting techniques. I’ve been given permission to share my experience with you all, so watch this space!