So, you’ve decided it’s time for a change.

Time to move home.

You’ve got people to recommend estate agents that will market your home for you.

Now what?

In this series of posts, I will cover the best ways to stage your home with minimal effort when putting your property on the market.

In short:

Dress it.

Make it look the best it possibly can.

Imagine you’re getting ready for a first date with somebody new, you want to show off your best features, and hide the ones that aren’t. In order to find Mr / Mrs Right, you want to make them think they could spend the rest of their life with you.

The exact same applies for home staging – the prospective buyers want to be shown your home’s best features, and envisage spending the rest of their lives with it.



So, what can you do to your living area to improve your home’s chances of being sold?

  1. Consider its current uses. In the client whose pictures I’ve used above, the space was used as a play room, office, dining room, living room, baby changing station, laundry room… You name it! We decided to cut the uses down to simply living area and dining area.
  2. Clear away belongings that don’t fit the prospective use. By clearing cupboards, we made space for the printer that was currently on display, and – a little secret for you – the chaise lounge came with under-seat storage! So we were able to put all the baby-related products there. Huzzah!
  3. Clean, clean, clean! Once we were left with the remaining living area and dining area belongings we felt would help the staging, we cleaned the windows, hoovered the curtains, sofa, floors, you name it. It’s so much easier to do once all the unnecessary clutter is removed.
  4. Bring in finishing touches. In this case, I brought in a light pendant from Homebase that gave the space a really glamorous edge, and used client’s existing accessories to make the space feel really cozy and comfortable.
Pendant light from Homebase

Client’s own little accessories really finished off the curtains.

Never forget to use curtain tiebacks though for that cozy look!

What do you think? Anything else you might add? In the next post I’ll cover child’s bedroom – don’t miss it!

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