Oh how I’m loving fabrics and wallpapers!

I’m loving just how creative and daring all the designers are getting; A Shade Wilder, Juliet Travers and Harlequin to name a few..

Owls. It’s all about the owls. The big eyes. The ability to spin their heads round nearly 360 degrees. And the fact that they translate so beautifully onto fabrics, as Blendworth’s New Silva collection shows!

What do you make of the beautiful and spring-like Birdsong?

Or maybe it’s Curiosity you’d rather go for?




Are you a Daydreamer for better days/weather?





Perhaps you’re feeling a little Poetic?





…and fancy writing with an old Quill?






But I have to admit – Tawny is my absolute personal favourite!! You either love it or hate it – which team are you in?

According to their News site, they are launching a wallpaper range in the same motifs this coming April! How egg-citing (sorry, had to be done!)

Happy Friday all :) x